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Brutal Murder Still a Cold Case in St. Louis

Sharon Hurley moved to St. Louis, Missouri from the town of Malden, Massachusetts. She worked as a waitress until she was brutally murdered and left at the base of the Poplar Street Bridge that connects the cities of St. Louis and East St. Louis in Illinois on February 24th, 1981. She died a horrible death. She was strangled and also suffered from large gashes on her body, contusions as well as bruises. Her hair was also singed. The twenty-four year white female was tortured before her life ended. Police were notified of her homicide by an anonymous phone call that someone had dumped a body off the bridge. When police recovered her remains, she was found with no clothes on and that she also had been sexually assaulted. At the time of her death she resided at 4111 Russell Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. If you have a tip about this case please contact CrimeStoppers Call Toll Free 1-866-371-TIPS. All calls can be confidential.

Help solve this case and other cold cases in St. Louis by visiting this site. Cold Cases in St. Louis

Mystery Surrounds Murder of Brockton Girl

Eleven year old Denise Cochrane was last seen on May 23, 1975 leaving her home on Essex Street in Brockton. On April 28, 1976 the youngest child of four siblings was found dead in a transformer casing in a steelyard. She was murdered and had died of external injuries which included a fractured skull. Police believe that the 6th grader was murdered at another site and dumped in the casing. Her murder has been unsolved for around thirty five years and her family still seeks answers and justice.

There are also other cases of murdered children in Brockton that have not been solved. It is not known if her murder is related to the others. If you have any information about this case please contact the Brockton Police Department at (508) 941-0200.

Bizarre Clues in Murder of Man in St. Louis

41-year-old Ricky McCormick was found murdered on June 30, 1999 in a field outside of St. Louis, Missouri. He may left clues to who killed him a set of notes that were crypted with a strange code. Can you help?

What Happened To American College Student

Skye Lynn Budnick loved Japanese culture. She was student at Central Connecticut State University and from the town of Southington. On April 1, 2008, the twenty-one year old took a one way flight to the Hokkaido island of Japan and has not been heard from since. Japanese Authorities believe that she may have been headed to the city of Sapporo. Her family is concerned because Skye has suffered from depression and had stated in the past her willingness to commit suicide in Japan. Years later, her family does not know where she is. She may have killed herself, met with foul play or started a new life. Her family misses her and wants answers. If you have information about the whereabouts of Skye Lynn Budnick please contact the US Consulate in Sapporo Japan at 011-641-1115.

Murder of Father Motivates Son to Be World Champion Fighter

It wasn't easy for brother Anthony and his younger brother Sergio growing up in the tough streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. But the two now make a living as Mixed Martial Artists. They have fought in various promotions including Anthony winning the lightweight Championship in the UFC (which is considered the most prestigious in the sport). The two brothers had their father Eugene Pettis Jr. as a role model and guide to help them. But it is his death that haunts and serves as motivation.

Eugene Pettis at one time had gang affiliations and was known as a street fighter. However, he moved on from the lifestyle so he could support his family with legitimate work. On November 12, 2003, Eugene Pettis was stabbed to death in a robbery at a friend's house near Layton and Burnham in the southern part of the city. Two masked men broke into the home and pistol whipped a woman that was there. A twelve year old child was shot in the knees yet survived. One of the intruders stabbed Pettis several times in the chest. Pettis made it out of the house only to die moments later across the street. The murder remains cold but with the popularity of Anthony as champion, it is assumed that people will start to talk. If you have any information about who killed Eugene Pettis please call the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-1212. You can remain anonymous.

Slaying of Police Officer Unsolved Three Decades Later

Alfred Johnson had been an police officer with the city of Atlanta for six years. To help make ends meet, he worked as a security guard at the Big Buy Food Store on Flat Shoals Avenue. On February 16, 1980 he tried to stop two armed and masked men from committing an armed robbery. While he struggled with one of the robbers he sustained a gunshot wound to his torso. When he fell to the ground the other robber shot him as well. Johnson would die from his wounds and the robbers made off with money and food stamps. The robbers were never caught nor identified. Officer Johnson had served prior in the Vietnam War as a US Marine. HE left behind two young daughters and a wife.

The store he was murdered at is now closed. The location is south of Metropolitan Avenue in Atlanta. There is a $35,000 reward for information that will lead to an arrest in this case.

If you have any information about this case please call the Atlanta Detective Bureau at 404) 546-4236. Your call can be confidential.

$100,000 Reward In Postal Carrier’s Killing

Delivering mail can be a dangerous job. Most of the trouble usually comes from dangerous driving conditions due to bad weather or from aggressive dogs. But sometimes violent people can be the biggest threat. 26-year-old Tyson Jerome Barnette was a mail carrier in the city of Landover, Maryland which is not far from the nations capital. Around 7:20 pm on Novermebr 23, 2013, he was found dead from gunshots in the 6000 block of Reed Street. Barnette was employed at the Post Service for 6 years and was described as a hard worker and nice person.

There had been concern in prior months that postal carriers would get injured or worse because of delivering mail in dangerous neighborhoods at night. Barnette left behind a child. Because the crime was against a federal employee the person responsible for the murder could be eligible for the Death Penalty.

A $100,000 reward is being offered by the US Postal Inspection Service for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the shooting death of Barnette.

Woman Dies from Illegal Abortion. Who was She?

On March 18, 1967 an unidentified white female was found in the town of Bear, Delaware. She had been placed in a white cloth Laundry bag that had the following on it; Bag O - Storage. American Laundry. Dry Cleaning. EX4 5277. The location of where she was found was at CR 400, Porter Road, which is 3 tenths of a mile east of Route 896. Victim had brown eyes, dark brown hair, was 5'5, and weighed 115 pounds. Her teeth were well maintained and she had a vaccination scar on front of the left thigh. It is believe she had died hours earlier from an illegal abortion. She was three months pregnant at the time and was anywhere between the ages of sixteen and twenty five years old.

For more information about this case visit the Doe Network at .

Or for post-mortem photos (CAUTION- GRAPHIC) visit

If you know who this woman may be, please contact the Delaware State Medical Examiners Office at 302-577-3420. You can remain anonymous.

Who Killed Basketball Star and Why?

Lorenezen Wright was loyal to the city of Memphis, Tennessee. As a talented basketball player he had played high school, college and professional basketball in the bluff city. At 6 foot 11, Wright had earned himself a lucrative NBA contract and was making several millions of dollars a year. On July 18, 2010, He was last seen left at the home of his in Collierville, Tennessee. Four days later, his family filed a missing persons report. More than a week later on July 28, the body of the NBA bigman was found in a wooded area on Callis Cutoff Road that is west of Hacks Cross Road. Wright had been shot five times with wounds to his head, chest and right forearm. Police suspected foul play after Wright was last seen when a 911 call was made from his cell phone in the early hours of July 19. The person speaking on the phone was talking with the 911 dispatcher when several gun shots were heard. Wright left behind six children and his mother is looking for answers. Around the time of his death, Wright had started to experience financial difficulties as well.

If you know anything that could help investigators, please call (901) 528-CASH. There is a reward for information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for the murder of Lorenzen Wright.

Atlanta Child Killings Still Divides Country By Racial Lines

Fear and panic gripped the city of Atlanta from 1979 to 1981, when dozens of young black children the vast majority of them being male were disappearing and being found murdered. With each dead child being found, racial tensions arose as rumors of a possible Ku Klux Klan connection to these murders. It wasn’t until the arrest of Wayne Williams that a face was put onto a sinister serial killer who was snatching the lives of innocent children. Williams was eventually convicted and is serving two life sentences for the murders of two men, 22 year old Jimmy Ray Payne and 27 year old Nathaniel Cater.

Law Enforcement stated they believed that Williams was responsible for the Atlanta Child Killings and despite having only two convictions closed the other cases. Much of the public in particular in the African-American community felt that there was a cover up and that a white supremacist may have committed the murders. The problem with this theory is that the black community would have taken notice a white male following black children. Nearly 30 years later, DNA tests on some of the victims could not exonerate Williams. If anything they made it more likely that he may have been responsible for at least ten of the homicides.

Does evidence point to Wayne Williams being the Atlanta Child Killer? Yes… and No…. Williams is most likely responsible for more than half of the homicides, he most likely didn’t do all of them. Police had at least 23 murders that were unsolved. There were also some murders of children that occurred before and after the murderous rampage of the Atlanta Child Killer. Many of the victims died from different manners of death; strangulation, shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning. There is a likely possibility that some of the children were killed by a small ring of pedophiles The murder of twelve year old Clifford Jones causes some issues with the Atlanta Child Killings. His body was found August 21st , 1980 by a dumpster at the Hollywood Plaza Shopping Center on Hollywood Road. Some believe that the manager of a Laundromat and another man killed the teenage boy. To read more about this. Visit this site (Caution: Post Mortem Photos)

It may turn out that the Ku Klux Klan may not have been involved but instead a ring of pedophiles. Both black and white in color. Was Wayne Williams part of this ring?????

For more information about this case visit the Tru Crime Site

Death of Senator’s Aide Still Unsolved Decades Later

Claiborne Pell was a legend in Rhode Island politics. The former Senator grew up a child of privilege who didn’t like to flaunt his enormous wealth. When he was elected to his first term as a US Senator, he was viewed as a political outsider. Through the help Raymond Nels Nelson, who was a (former bureau chief of the Providence Journal and Evening Bulletin Newspaper) Pell won in an upset. Nelson, was a skilled strategist and campaigner who ended up being the administrative assistant for Pell when he was in Washington DC. He eventually joined the staff of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. In 1976, the married father of three made a controversial decision and came out as a gay man. It damaged him politically but he refused to hide his sexuality anymore.

Things did take a dark turn for the Washington Insider when on June 1, 1981, the 59-year-old was found murdered at his apartment at 701 Quincy Street, NE in Washington DC. The former professional typist turned political staffer had been bludgeoned to death by one his typewriters in his residence. For years there have been rumors about why he was murdered. Rumors on the internet speculate that political pressure may play a part as to why the case remains unsolved.

The unsolved murder is still under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department. If you have information about this case please call the police at 202 727-9099 or contact them via email at Nelson left behind three children and friends and family that are still looking for answers. For additional information about this case please visit

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